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Ditch the Hard, Embrace the Soft: Swadeshi Water Softener for Happy Pipes & Hair Bid farewell to scale & frizz!

  • Water softeners zap hard water’s nasties, leaving you with Silky Smooth Skin & Hair.
  • Pamper yourself with luxurious showers & baths.
  • Sparkling Fixtures: Say goodbye to mineral build-up & hello to shining appliances.
  • Protected Pipes: Extend the life of your dishwasher, washing machine, & more. Cleaner Clothes: Enjoy vibrant colors & softer textures in every wash.

Swadeshi Water softener for removing hardness of water is made up of super premium quality of plastic to hold up to 90psi pressure, with 6.5 liter resin. A single softener package holds 1 softener of 8 kg + 2 pure brass valve + 2 connection pipe + 1 brime chamber to regenerate the softener. It works for more than 10 years+ 6 crome nipple + 1 reducer for brime chamber+ 1 stand and many more. Ideal for home use to maintain natural oiliness of your skin and reduce hair fall and also secure your geyser.

Soft Water

Soft water maintain the fiber of your clothes.  Other Taps and shower water softener are just to fool customers and never have any impact on hard water. Soft water requires very less amount of soap and detergents and never require afterwash items (eg. Comfort wash). Our water softener completely removes the hardness of water which other products cannot do properly. After regeneration it supply 1200 liter water.

Hard Water

Hard water harm the skin and causes irritation on skin , skin allergy. Causes heavy hair fall *Decay your expensive taps and geyser *Make Wastage of water is only 4 liters per month “We guarantee you feel a great change in water, it’s soft and slippery. If you don’t feel any softness in water then use it for 10 days and then return it, our product has 10 days returnable policy.

Life span 3.2 years, after that change resin so this softeners costing is only 2100 per year. There is chemical hardness through which you can easily observe that our softener reduces the 94%hardness of your water. this is the true water softener (10 kg weight) with great advantages and covers your whole bathroom”


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