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Shudh Pani- Ditch the Doubt, Drink Pure: RO Your Water Today Transform tap water into sparkling refreshment with Reverse Osmosis (RO). It’s like a microscopic bouncer, blocking impurities & delivering crystal-clear confidence in every glass. Why RO? 99% Pure: Removes toxins, chemicals, and even some bacteria & viruses. Fresh Taste: Ditch the chlorine & mineral aftertaste. Healthier You: Stay hydrated with pure, safe water. Versatile: Drink, cook, clean, and even water plants with RO goodness.


12 Ltr Storage tank, Easy wall mount, Removable storage tank for cleaning purposes, purification stages like Pre-Sediments filter, Pre-Carbon filter with antiscalant balls, sediment filter, RO Membrane, Post-Carbon filter with ATB. RO & NON-RO System is available as per Customer Requirement.


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