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Supply of “SWADESHI TEC” make  Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater
Model : SSHP-L- 3.6B
Input Power: 0.9 kW
Output Efficiency: 3.6 kW
Power (V/PH/Hz): 220V/1N/50Hz,

Water Heating Capacity: Approximately 75-90 Ltrs/hr @ Temp 55°C-60°C with consideration of  Ambient  temperature as 5°C – 15°CSupply of ” SWADESHI SOLAR” Make Pressurized Hot Water Storage Tank :
Capacity: 500 Liters
Type: Pressurised
Inner Tank: GI ( 3mm thickness for Shell and Dish ) with Anti-corrosion coating of 150 microns Pure Glassy Epoxy.
Installation: 50mm Puff                                                                                                                                                                  Outer cladding: GI Colour Steel and also available stainless steel model as per customer demand
Tested Pressure: 5 kg / cm²  hydraulic

Recommend Working  Pressure : 3 to 4 kg / cm²

Supply of SWADESHI TEC make mounting structure bracket structure: made out of Mild Steel Structure finishing with 1 coat of Zinc chromate oxide and 2 coat of enamel paint for corrosion resistant and anti-vibration  Bushes and SS Fasteners for Air source Heat pump Water Heater. Circulation Pump & Control Panel.

Pressurized Hot water Storage Tank Accessories: ARV, NRV, Y Strainer, etc. All Electric and plumbing Materials, Gate Wall 6 No’s, Union 5 No’s, Ft Braze 5 No’s, 1 ¾ Mta 2 No’s, Elbow 10 No’s Collar 1inch 4 No’s Long Bend 4 No’s Wire 3 Core 15 Meter 1 Inch Cpvc Pipe 1 Length, ¾ Cpvc Pipe 10 Feet, ¾ T 1 No’s, ¾ Elbow 2 No’s,  3 Pin 15 Amp Top Electric 1 No’s , 3 In 1 Electric Box 15 Amp 1 No’s , Teflon Tape 5 No’s, Cpvc Gum 1 No’s, Electric Tape 1 No’sSupply of Wall mount type Voltage and Current Protection Electrical Servo voltage Stabilizer for Air Source Heat Pump.

Voltage / Power : 170- 220V/1N/50Hz.Job: Roof sheet covering for heat pump, Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater, Hot Water Mixing Tank, Circulation Pump and voltage stabilizer (Only Labour Charges)


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