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About Us
mission- about us
How we are disrupting the market?

We are providing a one-stop solution for all renewable and household items.
→ Permanent water heating solution
→ Energy generation and saving solution (Solar Panel)
→ Drinking water solution and other household items
→ 100% green energy-based EV charging solution.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be India's leading renewable energy company providing the most innovative clean energy solutions to our clients.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to establish brand nationwide, create 1000+ entrepreneurs, and 10,000+ jobs directly or indirectly, contributing to India's growth.

Our Values

Story Behind the Formation of Swadeshi Group

Praveena, our Founder and CEO , is from the beautiful Davanagere district village of Devara Honnali. An inspiration and first-generation business owner, he began his career in 2001 at the age of sixteen as an assistant in a pharmacy. At the age of 21, Praveena started her corporate journey, developing his ground sales skills with major players in the market like Parle, Wipro, and Coke. As the Head of Karnataka at OYO, he further developed his leadership skills. Praveena, who has worked in sales and leadership for more than 15 years, is a living example of perseverance and success in the workplace.

COVID-19 led to a loss of opportunities across the globe and layoffs had become very common. The world was in a negative mindset. This was the trigger moment for Praveena to start his venture and this is how Swadeshi Group was born with a vision to promote entrepreneurship and create jobs in the market. He founded the Swadeshi Group in 2020. Highly inspired by Ritesh(Founder of OYO), the “Founder” Movie and “Guru”. His vision is to create 10000 jobs directly or indirectly by 2025.


milestone- about us
milestone- about us

Why Choose Us?

👉Innovative Renewable Solutions
👉Dedicated Customer Support
👉Advanced air-powered water heating with automated technology.
👉NITK-Certified 4th Gen Water Heating Solution
👉Diverse Product Range: Solar, Water,UPS, and more
👉Industry Diversity: Domestic, Commercial & Government
👉Solar excellence with durability

why choose us - Swadeshi group- about us
Core Team
Praveena K
Founder and CEO
Chinmayee AS
Co-Founder and CFO
Satyajeet Prasad
Kaushal Raj
Head of Growth and Expansion
Jagannath I
Head of Product and Operations

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  • Innovative Renewable Solutions
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Advanced air-powered water heating with automated technology.
  • NITK-Certified 4th Gen Water Heating Solution
  • Diverse Product Range: Solar, Water, UPS, and more
  • Industry Diversity: Domestic, Commercial & Government
strengths- about us
Pioneering Innovation
Pioneer innovation of namma Swadeshi- about us