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Features of Water Level Controller

Control both tank’s underground sump tank to overhead tank fully automatically · Work With Any Single Phase Motor For Home, Office, Hospital, Restaurant · No Man Power Required. Six sensors are provided to be installed in water tanks. Three into the overhead tanks and three into the underground tanks. Sensors placement should be as shown in this image. All three sensors in the water tank are required for fully automatic operation. This is the features of Water Level Controller.

Working: When the water level in the tank drops, indicating a low level, the motor switches on automatically based on the float switch sensor. The tank refills until reaching a higher level, where the float rises and the motor switches off automatically. No manpower is necessary. This system operates with a supply voltage of 220-270 V AC and is suitable for up to 1 HP motors. It is also compatible with single-phase MCB starter panels and submersible motors. Auto and manual switches are provided, and the completely molded float switch sensor model ensures long life and suitability for all water types.


  • Fully automatic water level controller with dry run protection single phase.
  • No Man Power Required To Operate As Fully Automatic with 2HP Capacity.
  • It Saves Electricity, saves water. 1 Year Warranty.
  • Tank water level indication, pump on the indication.
  • Contact capacity: 15 A, Start, stop the auto, manual switch.


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