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What Are You Looking For?- ASHP
Frequently Asked Questions
Utilizing 4th Gen water heating technology, ASHP harnesses 75% of its heat from the air and the remaining 25% from electricity. Consequently, it produces hot water at an ultra-low cost compared to geysers.
Indeed, starting from 200 liters, ASHP is available for domestic purposes as well.
With proper maintenance done from time to time, it can easily last up to 20 years.
Offering a 24/7 hot water solution, ASHP ensures a 100% permanent solution. Additionally, it consumes electricity at a rate of 2 paisa to 4 paisa per liter, compared to 60 paisa to 80 paisa per liter for a geyser.
Yes, It can run on Solar panels too. Furthermore, we have already done this setup across multiple places and segments.
No, it does not make that much sound. Moreover, depending on the size we mostly install it outside of the house or site like on the roof, so you will not hear its voice.
You can trust the quality and reliability of our ASHP, which has been certified by NIT Suratkhal. Moreover, rigorous testing across a range of parameters and scenarios has confirmed its outstanding performance.
Depending on the tank size and the temperature as per your requirement, it might take some time to heat up the water. However, it also has the capacity to store the temperature of hot water for a minimum of 2 days.
This product is automatically operated with very limited manual intervention.
We have our own manufacturing plant in Bangalore.
Yes, you can with the help of our smart control panel. Also, you can change the temperature of hot water as per your requirement.
Yes, our solutions and products can solve your problem. By utilizing a return line pump, the cold water is sucked back to the tank where it gets heated again. As a result, you receive proper hot water as soon as you run the tap/shower for a hot bath.