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Hidden Oasis: Under sink water purifier RO for Discreet Purity Unleash crystal-clean water within your cabinetry. Undersink RO delivers pure hydration, invisibly installed and instantly accessible. Why Undersink RO? Out of Sight, Purely Right: Compact design hides beneath your sink, saving space. Instant Refreshment: Filtered water on tap, effortlessly chilled or at room temperature. Superior Purity: Removes 99% of contaminants for safe, healthy drinking. Peace of Mind: Enjoy worry-free hydration, knowing your water is pristine.



Purification stages like Pre-Sediments filter, Pre-Corbon filter with anti scalant balls , sediment filter, RO Membrane , Post-Corbon filter with ATB. RO & NON RO ,UV,UFO,MTDS Controller System available as per customer Requirement.


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