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Shudh Pani with Hot & Cold Processing
Double the Refreshment: Hot & Cold RO for Every Sip Ditch the lukewarm: Get instant hot AND cold pure water with our powerful Hot & Cold RO system. Hot: Make tea, coffee, or soups in a flash with piping hot, filtered water. Cold: Enjoy crisp, ice-cold refreshment, free from impurities and chlorine. Double the Benefits: Ultimate Convenience: Hot & Cold in one system, saving space & energy. Crystal-Clear Purity: RO removes 99% of contaminants for safe, healthy water. Superior Taste: Say goodbye to chlorine & mineral aftertaste. Endless Possibilities: From hot cocoa to iced tea, quench every thirst. Upgrade Your Hydration.



9 Ltr Storage tank, Easy wall mount, Removable storage tank for cleaning purposes, purification stages like Pre-Sediments filter, Pre-Corbon filter with anti scalant balls, sediment filter, RO Membrane, Alkaline Membrane Post-Corbon filter with ATB. RO & NON-RO System is available as per customer Requirement.


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