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Crank your freshness: Craft custom oils at home with the Swadeshi Oil maker. From nuts to seeds, unlock the flavorful potential of your pantry. Simple, clean, and perfect for the health-conscious chef. ‍ Why skip the store? Taste the difference: Enjoy pure, homemade oil, bursting with natural goodness. No hidden nasties: Control the ingredients, and ditch the chemicals. Endless possibilities: Infuse, blend, and create custom flavors for your culinary adventures. Easy & breezy: Effortless operation, minimal cleanup.


“SWADESHI TEC” Swasth Oil Maker”. Product Feature:- Multi-functional oil press: precesses different seeds , Groundnut seeds , Almond, Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds , Coconut , Vegetable seeds , Castor Seeds , Etc ., Easy to operate & clean. Portable & takes minimun space to store , heavy duty industrial machine motor & it is less expensive & much easier to operate. Features Small Swadeshi Swasth Oil Maker Machine for Home Use with 100% Natural and Safe. Mul-functional Oil Press: Processes different seeds, Almond, Flas Seeds, Castor Seeds, etc., Easy to operate & clean. Portable and takes minimum space to store. Heavy-duty Industrial machine motor. It is less expensive and much easier to operate.


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