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In ETC Water Heating system, water passes through tube collectors, here it gets heated up by transferring the heat which is collected by the collector tubes by absorbing solar energy. As the temperature increases water level begins to rise up, and now it enters the insulated storage water tank that can store hot water for a long duration.


A Specially Designed Hot water storage tank with a new kind of polymer material suitable for any Quality water.

  • Specially designed for bore wells and hard water.
  • It can be used up to 2000 water TDS conditions.
  • It does not get rusted.
  • It can sustain heat up to 180 degrees centigrade.
  • No energy is wasted as a natural or renewable source is utilized.
  • Hot water will be available for 24 hours.
  • Avoids pollution of the environment, so fresh air is available for breathing.
  • One-time investment thus avoids the cost of fuel or electricity.
  • Solar is available in plenty all through the year.


Evacuated Tube Collector

Tube Length and Size 58 mm Outer Dia + 0.5 mm – 0.0 mm and 1800 mm Length

Absorber Area of the Collector Area Cover by the Collector >=1.5 m2/100 LPD

Stagnation Temperature 180 Degree C maximum.

Vacuum of Tube <=5 X10 P *

Absorptivity (%ge) of the Collector > 92%

Emissivity (%ge) of the Collector < 8 %

Water Output Rated LPD at 60 degree C* under Normal Sunny Conditions

Tank Inner tank Food Grade Polymer Tank

Thermal Insulating Material Puff with 50 mm Thickness

Tank cladding Pre Coated Steel or Mirror finish

No of Tubes for (58/1800mm) 10 for 100 LPD,15 for 150 LPD 20 for 200 LPD 25 for 250, 30 for 300 LPD.

Electrical Heater Optional

Structure 27 Degree Angle, GI – 1.2 mm Thickness with powder coating

Fasteners All Fasteners Used are Stainless Steel (Nut and Bolt)


100 LPD SS/PC, 100 LPD SS/SS, 150 LPD SS/PC, 150 LPD SS/PSS, 200 LPD SS/PC, 200 LPD SS/SS


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