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In FPC Solar water Heater, water passes through plate collectors, here it gets heated up by transferring the heat which is collected by the collector plate by absorbing solar energy. As the temperature increases water level begins to rise, and now it enters the insulated storage water tank that can store hot water for a long duration.


*Inner tank will be made of Galvanized Iron (GI)

*Thickness will be 1.5mm.

*It can be used only till 1000 TDS water.

Available tank capacities are 100 LPD, 200 LPD, 300 LPD, and 500 LPD.

WARRANTY – 5 years.


*No energy is wasted as a natural or renewable source is utilized.

*Hot water will be available for 24 hours.

*Avoids pollution of the environment, so fresh air is available for breathing.

*One-time investment thus avoids the cost of fuel or electricity.

*If the weather is cloudy or rainy also we will get hot water.

*Solar is available in plenty all through the year.


“SWADESHI SOLAR” FPC ( Flat Plate Collector):- Pressurized & Non-Pressurized Solar Water Heater System

Technical specification:

  • Inner Tank: GI ( 3mm thickness for Shell and Dish ) with Anti-corrosion coating of 150 microns of Pure Glassy Epoxy.
  • Thermal Insulation: 50mm Puff.
  • Outer cladding: The outer body from high-grade GI Powder Coating material to make it weatherproof, durable, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Recommend Working Pressure : 3 to 4 kg / cm², Tested Pressure: 5 kg / cm² hydraulic.
  • Collector: Copper Collector as per BIS Certified, ISI Standard (GEDA & MNRE Approval) which is waterproof with high structural strength. Brass flanges – EPDM Rubber Parts – SS Fastener
  • Safety: Multi-Function safety valve to make your solar water heater safest with pressure relief, non-return, anti vacuum, and drainage function.

Structure Stand: Mild Steel with weather resistance coat as per actual design for long life & corrosion resistance FPC.


Electrical Heater Optional

Structure GI – 1.2 mm Thickness with powder coating

Fasteners All Fasteners Used are Stainless Steel (Nut and Bolt)

Water TDS Prevents the concentration of saltwater TDS up to 1000 PPM


100 LPD GI/PC, 100 LPD GI/SS, 200 LPD GI/PC, 200 LPD GI/SS, 300 LPD GI/PC, 300 LPD GI/SS, 500 LPD GI/PC, 500 LPD GI/SS


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