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This 6 in 1 Combo contains:-

  1. SWADESHI SOLAR REGULAR/PC: The inner Tank has stained steel (1.2 and 1.5 mm thickness for shell and dish). Thermal Insulation: 50 mm puff. Outer Cladding is Powder Coated.
  2. SHUDH PANI: The 12 Ltr storage tank features easy wall mounting and a removable design for cleaning. It includes purification stages such as Pre-Sediments filter, Pre-Carbon filter with antiscalant balls, sediment filter, RO Membrane, and Post-Carbon filter with ATB. We offer both RO & NON-RO systems according to customer requirements.
  3. SWADESHI TEC SOLO POWER PWM PCU: In Solar Off-grid PWM PCU, when the sun rays hit the solar pan it leads to the generation of DC power which converts usable AC power for the functioning of the connected appliances. The surplus DC power is secured in the battery in case of a power cut. The solar charger controller which is inbuilt ensures appropriate battery charging and restrain the reverse flow of current to the solar panel. PWM means Pulse Width Modulation which is used as one method of float charging. It sends out a series of short charging pulses to the battery- a very rapid “on-off” switch. The controller continually checks the condition of the battery.
  4. SWADESHI TEC SOLOPOWER SHORT TUBULAR BATTERY 5 YEARS WARRANTY STST 100AH: C10 100Ah flat type batteries with long frequent power outages having faster recharge. These batteries have more electrolytes of Lower acid volume per ampere hour. The positive plates provide more power and long life. These batteries have a capacity of 100Ah. These are also applicable as a solar battery, inverters for home UPS, etc.
  5. SWADESHI TEC CHIMNEY BASIC: Kitchen Guard with Push Button Operating system. This helps to get rid of unwanted smoke from your cooking space and bring back the fun of cooking without choking up in the smoke and heat and smelly gases being released in the process. It has 3-speed settings with LED LIGHTS. It comes with a push button. You can use SWADESHI TEC Kitchen guard 1000 M3 per hour, wall mount chimney which has a powerful suction capacity of 1000 PER HR. You can make sure that your kitchen is always supplied with plenty of fresh & clean air to breathe. This chimney comes with an auto-clean feature. Auto clean is a state-of-the-art future that helps in cleaning the oil & the residue formed inside the motor with just one touch. It is equipped with a stain steel baffle filter. It comes in 2 feet & 3 feet model.
  6. SWADESHI TEC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER: sensed by float to operate the switches for controlling the pump motor. The automatic water level controller for overhead tanks switches on/ off the pump motor when water in the tank goes below/ above the minimum/maximum level. The water level is sensed by two floats to operate the switches for controlling the pump motor & which helps to avoid wasting the water. When the water level in the tank becomes low, means water gets down from the float switch sensor, motor gets switched on automatically. Your tank starts filling up. When the water level reaches the higher level, the float goes up sense the motor automatically gets switched off. No Manpower is required. Supply voltage: 220-270 V AC, Suitable for up to 1 HP Motor. Also suitable for single-phase MCB starter panels & submersible motors. Auto and manual switches are available. The completely molded float switch sensor model suits all kinds of water, ensuring a long life.

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